explaining sex curriculum

Where Do Babies Come From?

Kids began hearing that word thrown around at an early age.  But, what happens when they ask questions?  They quickly learn it’s usually shrouded in mystery and incomplete answers.  From an early age, kids learn that something about sex is secretive, not to be talked about, and even “bad.”  This program takes away the mystery and discusses “sex” in very simple terms.  Using the backdrop of animals at a zoo, we see animal babies and learn that a mother animal and father animal come close together to make a baby.  When they come close together, that’s called sex.  Students also hear the analogy of driving a car - the purpose of driving a car is to get from one place to another.  Sometimes though, people can get into a car and just drive... without really going anywhere.  Sex is the same way!  Its main purpose is to make babies. Intercourse is never specifically described.  But, students learn that just as they’re too young to drive a car right now, they’re also too young to completely understand everything about sex. 

Grades K-5th.   Runs: 12 minutes. Supplement runs: 6 minutes. Copyright 2014. $89.95.

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