stress curriculum

Stress:  Dealing with Family, Friends and School

Students today are stressed more than ever.  Studies show the top 3 stressors students face today are family, friends and school.  This program helps students to identify what "stresses them out!"  Next, coping skills are discussed that allow students to get through their stressful times.  Finally, students are taught about "self-talk."  Self-talk is often the key to not only dealing with stressful situations, but over all self image and coping.

Reenactments of stressful situations are included, along with interviews with real students about what stresses them out, and how they feel inside during those situations.

Produced in wide-screen format plays on EITHER 4:3 (standard) OR 16:9 (wide-screen).

Grades 4th-10th.  Runs 20 minutes. 3rd edition Copyright 2014. $89.95

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