STD Curriculum

STD'S: A Better Understanding

This program promises its viewers it is not trying to "shock you, scare you, or manipulate you."  It also promises to clearly explain the facts about STD's  and how they can effect teens. One in four teens will contract an STD.  The program clearly lays out the top STD's teens face in a "very real, easy to understand" format.  This program can be paired with HIV/AIDS: A Better Understanding, and used as a two part series.  A DVD extra includes an optional video portion showing medical pictures of STD's and their effects.

Topics covered include:
Statistics of teens and STD's
Full discussion of herpes, HPV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, Syphilis and Crabs
How to get tested if you suspect you have an STD
Advice to take control on your decisions and your body

Produced in wide-screen format plays on EITHER 4:3 (standard) OR 16:9 (wide-screen).

Grades 9thv- 12th. Runs 25 minutes. Copyright 2014. DVD $89.95. Bluray $129.95.

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