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Rape and Sexual Assault: Precaution, Power and Protection

This program, created by Emmy Award winning producers, will present the latest information on rape and sexual assault.  It will also educate viewers on ways in which they can protect themselves from ever becoming a victim of sexual assault or rape not only in self defense techniques, but also with preemptive moves which will lesson the likelihood of them every becoming a target.   The program will also acknowledge that men can be victims of rape as well as women.

This program is especially relevant now considering the exposure of sexual assaults on college campuses, within high schools, the military and the entertainment world.

The program will address three primary categories:

Precautions: Precautions women can take to keep themselves from becoming a target.
Power: Empowering potential victims to shift the mindset from weak victim to prepared retaliator.
Protection: A very practical section teaching women (and men) very specific methods of self defense.

Stand alone "Self Defense" Instruction
Stand alone "911 Call" which saves caller

Ages 12 and up . Main Program Runs 24 minutes. Copyright 2018. DVD $89.95 each. Download $89.95

ISBN 978-0-9887807-8-1

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