birth control curriculum

Teenage Pregnancy:
Unmasking Information, Prevention and Myths

Teenage pregnancy typically happens for three reasons:
-bad over all information
-no understanding of pregnancy prevention
-belief in pregnancy myths

This program unmasks each of these points and looks at them individually.  It starts by clearly laying the ground work by saying, "This is NOT a 'how to have intercourse and not get pregnant program, rather a program addressing the serious issue of teenage pregnancy.'"

The over-all program tone is very non-judgmental and WILL NOT deal with teen pregnancy options post-pregnancy.  The entire focus of this program is for girls AND guys to learn how to keep themselves from becoming another teen pregnancy statistic.

Comes with online link to extensive teacher helps, quiz, parent preview letter, latest statistics, etc

Grades: High School (also used in late Jr. High). Runs 30 mins.  Copyright 2014

DVD $89.95 Bluray $129.95

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