Hygiene curriculum

The Hygiene Factor

The Hygiene Factor clearly and easily explains steps to good hygiene.  Topics include how often to bathe/shower, types of shampoo to use, how to wash your face to minimize acne, the cause of body odors, shaving, how to brush your teeth, and much more!  3-D graphics are used to explain “What To Do,” “What Not To Do,” “What’s Going On,” and “Myths.”  Produced for both a male and female audience. This program is uniquely appropriate for grades 6-12. 

Produced in wide-screen format plays on EITHER 4:3 (standard) OR 16:9 (wide-screen).

Grades 6th-12th.  Runs 30 minutes. Copyright 2014.  DVD $89.95. Bluray $129.95.

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