birth control curriculum

Birth Control
Understanding Options

“Birth Control: Understanding Options” was specifically created to clearly explain, in everyday language, the most widely-used  birth control options available today.  Whether it’s a high school student in health class, or a woman sitting in the waiting room of her gynecologist, this program takes the mystery out the top methods of birth control.  From the barrier methods of the condom or diaphragm, to the hormonal methods of the pill or the patch-- viewers will clearly understand the differences, and most importantly, exactly how they work.

A “chart of effectiveness" is also discussed at the beginning AND end of the program, showing, statistically, which birth control methods are most effective.  This program is suitable for high school aged students, through adults.

Produced in wide-screen format plays on EITHER 4:3 (standard) OR 16:9 (wide-screen).

High School - Adult . Runs 22 minutes.   Copyright 2014. DVD, $89.95 each. BlueRay $129.95 each

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