Active Shooter Preparedness
for Governmental Agencies, Schools and Busines

"Effective on so many levels- preparedness, prevention, and safety"

"...every gov't agency and business should show this."

"I've been thanked so many times for providing this program to our employees."

"...very positive reaction from the students" 

"No scare tactics.. just very very practical info for safety and prevention. Five stars!"

"Any school that doesn't use this program and its curriculum is neglecting adequate safety in regards to active shooter situations."

NOTE:  Detailed information and confirmation of video content can be found in the following PDF document, courtesy of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department.

PDF Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept. document "Active Shooter Saftey Considerations"

There is an undeniable need to be prepared for active shooter situations. Schools, workplaces, malls, theaters, and more, have all been targets of these unthinkable acts.  This program uses police safety protocols to educate viewers on ways to protect themselves should they ever find themselves in one of these situations- all without being sensational or overly dramatic.   It has been hailed as a "must see" by many agencies.

The program is broken down into three parts: Understanding, Advice, and Help.  Each easy-to-understand section fully prepares the viewers on what do to in an active shooter situation.  Additionally, it speaks to potential shooters, encouraging them to seek help before ever acting out.

A web-based curriculum help page is also included for use in schools and employee meetings.

All Ages   Runs 23 minutes.   Copyright 2016.  DVD or Download $89.95.
DVD ISBN: 978-0-9887807-6-7

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