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Sex: Real, Honest, Nothing Held Back

Producer's Note:  This program continues to be a top seller.  Teens and administrators both like it because it feels real and honestly concerned about the well-being  of its teen viewers.  We created this program to honestly the issues address teens potentially face as they explore their sexuality. 


Shot at a busy multiplex movie theater, this program feels like a reality based television-special.  As the title states, everything in this program is real, honest, with nothing held back.  All interviewees, whether experts in the field, or students with stories of pregnancy or STD’s,  are first asked to “promise” to be 100% real, honest, and hold nothing back.  These Emmy Award winning producers have been producing teen-based program for more than a decade.  Here, their understanding of communicating the real effects of teenage sex is overwhelmingly effective.  

Produced in wide-screen format plays on EITHER 4:3 (standard) OR 16:9 (wide-screen).

Grades 9th - 12th. Runs 40 min. 3rd edition copyright 2014. DVD $89.95. Bluray $129.95.

DVD ISBN: 978-0-9843445-9-8

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